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Circulus Six
A round table with six tuck-under chairs
Cubus Four
Cubus, a statement of symmetry and function.

Introducing Amarantine creative outdoor furniture

The brand Amarantine was inspired by the Greek word ‘Amarantos’ which means not fading or undying and if we had to choose just one word to describe our furniture, that is the one we would use.
We want our customers to enjoy our furniture, not just for this summer and the next but for many, many years to come, without having to hide it away in winter or put covers on when it rains.

Our designers have created a range of beautifully crafted outdoor furniture that is guaranteed to last for years without fading or rotting.

Our collection includes options to suit every outdoor space, however big or small including:

Patio furniture and terrace furniture
Our patio and terrace range includes seating options for four, Six and eight people.

Outdoor dining furniture
Our outdoor dining furniture range includes options to seat four, six and eight people.

Balcony furniture
We’ve even created a range of balcony furniture to seat one and two people, including the Quadra One, Quadra Two, Rondo Two, Segmenta Two and the Cubus Two.

Modern furniture
Our modern furniture looks almost sculptural in appearance and is certainly a statement of individuality.

Our outdoor furniture is built using sustainable wood and environmentally friendly processes and materials.

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outdoor furniture - HANDMADE TO ORDER

Each Amarantine piece or set of furniture is made to order and has the month and year of production engraved on it. All products are available in any one of our standard range of colours, this also applies to the weatherproof fabric we use on the cushions. However, for something even more personal, we also offer a bespoke colour matching option at a small additional cost.
All you have to do is send us a sample of the colour you would like or tell us the name of the colour from any colour chart and we will get an exact match made for you. We also have an extended range of fabrics available, details available on request.
To ensure that your Amarantine furniture will always keep looking its best, every piece comes with full care and cleaning instructions along with a repair and touch-up kit, just in case of knocks or accidents.

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outdoor furniture - Built to last

The material we use is made using a process that provides enhanced dimensional stability and fungal resistance beyond the realms of any other timber product. Independent tests have shown it to have a service life of up to 60 years, it’s entirely natural and the perfect solution for our range of outdoor furniture.
We then use our design skills and unique manufacturing techniques to ensure we use no metal parts or other elements that could rust or decay in any of our products.
Finally, we apply six layers of a specially developed lacquer, giving an extremely hard and durable finish fit for all weather conditions, however hot or cold.
This means that you can leave your Amarantine furniture outside, uncovered and exposed to the elements and the finish is guaranteed for ten years.

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The Amarantine story

We’ve been making high quality bespoke furniture in our Norfolk workshop for over 25 years, gaining an enviable reputation amongst the UK’s top interior designers for our very high standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Over the years we have honed and improved our manufacturing techniques, minimising wastage and using sustainable and recyclable materials wherever possible.
Whilst using our talents to create one-off pieces for discerning clients has its rewards, we’ve always had a burning desire to create something special that a wider audience can enjoy, a personal expression of our life’s work and a timeless, everlasting tribute to good furniture design.
Five years ago we came across a sustainable and environmentally friendly timber material that was so different, it changed our thinking and inspired us to create a completely new product collection.
The Amarantine outdoor furniture range is the result of our labours. The designs are almost sculptural in appearance, offering a stunning statement of individuality and style combined with purpose and functionality.

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