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Our products are made from an acetylated wood, providing enhanced dimensional stability and fungal resistance beyond the realms of other timbers. It is a completely natural material, the timber is sustainably sourced and FSC certified. The material has been independently tested by leading UK and European institutes and has demonstrated superior dimensional stability and class one durability, even in changing weather conditions.

Research at the renowned Frauhofer Institute for Wood Research in Germany concludes that the performance of this product is outstanding. Extensive performance testing carried out by the independent Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the UK concludes that this material would carry a durability class (under EN 350-2) of 1 or very durable, giving an expected service life of 60 years. 


To complement the extreme durability of our outdoor products, our paint manufacturer has developed an acrylic, water-based lacquer specifically created for use on Amarantine outdoor furniture. The lacquered finish is extremely hard-wearing, and is designed to last a minimum of 10 years. If the surface is cleaned once every six months with soapy water before applying the Amarantine Protect Sealant provided, your furniture will have a life expectancy of up to 40 years.


Unique Upholstery Fabric for indoor and outdoor seating that is:
·  Colour fast to sunlight: Grade 7-8/8
·  Hard-wearing: Will not crack or peel over time. Martindale >80,000.
·  Tear Strength: BS 4303:1988 Isotron 1026 Warp – 116N, Weft – 124N (Severe contract – 24N).
·  Breaking Strength: BS 2576: 1988 Warp – 1993N, Weft – 725N (Severe contract –400N)
·  Waterproof: BS3424 >1m Hydrostatic Head
·  Anti-microbial: Will not support microbial growth, including MRSA
·  Fire Retardant: BS5852 Crib 5, IMO A652 (16), Cal 117
·  Durable: Excellent in both hot and extreme cold conditions and does not get dangerously hot in the sun
·  Stain Resistant: to grease, ink, coffee, suntan lotion, tomato sauce, chewing gum, chocolate, blood, wine etc. Stains will become harder to remove the longer they are left untreated and may become permanent
·  Washable 
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